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Vnet News

Sharing is true business.

VNET is a sharing platform, and vCard service is an essential business tool for individuals or enterprises.  Why? 

When you share your vCard with your customer, you can ask your customer to Collect your vCard for future reference. This is just a simple step. Let your customer fill in a valid email (or mobile phone number) . After that, your customer can use this account to login VNET.CC to see the vCards collected, and enjoy his/her own free unique vCard.  For you, you can get a commission of 10% of every future consumption of that account. 

You can create multimedia content on your vCard and link directly to your business. It is easy for your cutomer to click through. 

Therefore, it is important to create an attractive vCard and spread it on various social media platform. The more you share, the more you gain. 

Sharing means cost reduction and efficiency increase.