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Corporate Account Registration

# Notice to Corporate Membership

Why apply to become a Corporate Member?
  • Corporate Member can fully utilize the VNET SaaS service, and easily manage their staffs and the staff vCards;
  • Corporate Member can uniformly set the style and core content of their staff vCards, which can better showcase their company brand and image;
  • Update the style of the corporate vCard, or update the staff vCard, without additional cost, and improve the work efficiency;
  • After successful verification, a red [V] mark will be displayed after the company name of the Corporate Staff vCard, which means that the company qualification has been reviewed and confirmed by VNET, increasing the company credibility;
  • Low carbon and environmental protection, practicing green business;

How to apply and register to become a Corporate Member?
On this page, once you have read this FAQ, filled out all necessary corporate information, and paid the annual SaaS service fee, your Corporate Membership will become effective immediately.

Please note that becoming a corporate member allows you to use the VNET Corporate SaaS services. But only if you can provide valid corporate certification and pass the verification of VNET, will a red [V] mark be displayed after the company name on your staff vCard. In most of cases, the team will contact you within 3 working days, verify the company qualifications, and approve the display permissions marked with red [V] thereafter.

Any corporate can obtain the rights to display red [V] mark on their staff vCard once they uploads and displays its valid business registration documents and certification. The review of the red [V] mark of corporate members does not affect their normal use of the Corporate SaaS services in .

Why do you charge the Annual Fee for Corporate Account?
  • The VNET Corporate membership (SaaS service) authorization and qualification review is conducted on an annual basis. Corporate members should renew their SaaS service in time before their membership expires, in order to ensure the continuity of relevant rights and services. Corporate members can pay attention to the renewal prompt on the member dashboard after logging in VNET.CC ;
  • If the corporate membership fails to renew in time, the red [V] mark after the company name on the corporate staff vCard will not be displayed properly. In the meantime, the Corporate SaaS services will be completely discontinued after the validity period of vCards has expired;
  • The VNET Corporate SaaS service will be effectively extended once the corporate membership is renewed;
  • If a corporate member no longer uses the SaaS service during the service period due to their own reasons, their paid membership fees will not be refunded.

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