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VNET Membership

Member and Corporate Member

At VNET, there are two types of memberships, Individual Member (Member) and Corporate Member. 

Individual Member:

Individual members can join any of the membership service plan, including CRM Plan and Meta series Plan. 

CRM program is free, and any registered member will automatically enjoy CRM program. Members can freely choose some selected vCard template, and DIY creates their unique vCard. 

The Meta series service plan is a fee based service. Members can create multiple vCards of their own for use in different occasions. When Meta series services are selected, members can not only select all the creative vCard templates, but also obtain their  virtual service rights from VNET platform, so as to ensure the seamless connection with the future Metaverse.

VNET platform also launches membership verification service to individual members to verify their personal ID. Member pass the VNET verification will display a red V mark after their name on their vCard. 

Registered members can choose service plans according to their different needs.

Corporate Member:

VNET Corporate Member service mainly provides SaaS services for enterprises to manage their employees and their vCards through VNET platform.

+ Corporate members can freely customize their own unique vCard templates.  Corporate staff only need to input personal information to generate a unified style employee vCard;

+ After the certification of Corporate membership, a red V-mark will be displayed next to the corporate name on the staff's vCard, to demonstrate the integrity of the corporate's business qualifications;

+ According to the traditional corporate business processes, we use HR roles to manage employee and their vCards.  And there is no additional cost to update employee's vCard, improve work efficiency and reduce costs; 

+ When an employee resigns, they can immediately terminate their vCard, eliminate the possibility of employees continuing to use their vCard, and maximize the retention of the company's customer resources;

+ vCard is your CRM tools and your online traffic source; 

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Update 2023.08