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VNET and VNET Services

VNET (VNET.CC) is a social SaaS platform that provides enterprises and individuals with personalized network resource management and the Social Traffics. The vCard is the creative business cards engine at VNET platform, enabling members to DIY their unique business cards in a very simple way.  Using vCards is to practice green business and low-carbon life. 

The vCard concept: Simplicity, Fashion, Individuality, Perfection, Efficiency, and sharing. 

Our Slogan is: No Fashion, No vCard; No Individuality, No Sharing. 

[Simple Registration]

Enter your valid email address or mobile phone number to complete the registration;

You can start to enjoy the free VNET SaaS service. DIY Your own creative vCard.

[Creative Creation]

Select your preferred vCard template, set the color, upload the  icon, and input your information to create your unique vCard;

VNET provides multiple vCard templates. Users can create unique, fashionable and beautiful vCards through few simple steps.

[Sharing means Traffic]

Share your vCard on different social media and offline activities to naturally bring new traffic to your business;

Your vCard can be distributed and spread on almost all social media without being blocked. QR code will guide your  customers to browse your vCard directly on his/her own mobile terminals. 

Through the vCard interface, users can directly call you, or send email to you. They can visit your social media account, or visit your business web page directly; 

The more you share, the greater you get. 

[Convenient interaction]

Easy interaction is the most important key for us to design VNET  Services. Your customers can either choose to save your vCard to their mobile album; or bookmark it; or even collect it to their own VNET account. 

Of course, by scanning the QR code on the vCard, you r customer can directly browse your vCard on their own mobile device instantly.

VNET SaaS service helps our members build their private contact resources pool. Members can efficiently and accurately match resources and output results in their personalized way. Through VNET's platform, members can find more target customers with in their fingertips. 

Members who choose VNET Meta series services will get more rights and seamlessly explore more business opportunities in the future Meta Universe World. 

The VNET platform is under continuous development. We encourage you to join us by registering as a member. Your feedback are very important to us, and help us to serve you better

Update 2023.01