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Vnet News

VNET Launch Corporate SaaS

DIDlTechnology announced today that VNET Corporate SaaS service has been launched. VNET Corporate Membership is a decentralized solution for Corporate business cards. 

+ Corporate members can freely customize their own unique vCard templates.  Corporate staff only need to input personal information to generate a unified style employee vCard;

+ After the certification of Corporate membership, a red V-mark will be displayed next to the corporate name on the staff's vCard, to demonstrate the integrity of the corporate's business qualifications;

+ According to the traditional corporate business processes, we use HR roles to manage employee and their vCards.  And there is no additional cost to update employee's vCard, improve work efficiency and reduce costs; 

+ When an employee resigns, they can immediately terminate their vCard, eliminate the possibility of employees continuing to use their vCard, and maximize the retention of the company's customer resources;

+ vCard is your CRM tools and your online traffic source; 

Please visit for more details.