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Using blockchain technology to ensure enterprises' future development

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, sponsored by the Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSIA) and funded by the Innovation and Technology Department (Hong Kong), the Hong Kong Internet Professional Association (IPtoA), Cyberport, the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (itjc), the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), and the Smart City Alliance (SCC) organized a workshop on using blockchain technology to ensure the future development of enterprises. The workshop was held simultaneously online and offline at the Kangtai Business Center on the 5th floor of the Unified Center, Admiralty, Hong Kong.  James Kwok, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Software Industry Association, presided over the meeting. Mr. George Chong, CEO of Hong Kong Digital Identity Technology Co., Ltd., gave a keynote presentation as a guest at this event.


George, based on his own work experience, narrated the development process of the Internet from the 1st generation of Internet to the current the 3rd generation (Web3), with a focus on the characteristics of Web3 industry and its impact on today's society. Finally, George used his entrepreneurial project "VNET (VNET. CC)" as a case study to demonstrate to both online and offline participants. Participants also experienced the process of creating a decentralized identity (DID) easily and quickly, and submitted their participation application to the organizer through self authorization of information.


The workshop achieved very good results, participants gained a new understanding of Web3 technology from a practical perspective. They understood that Web3 application is not only about cryptocurrencies, but also have greater prospects in integration with physical businesses.


About VNET



VNET.CC is a Decentralized IDentity (DID) service platform built on blockchain technology. It provides users with the ability to create and manage digital identities (DID) and business cards (vCard), and also provides multi scenario digital identity verification services to third-party network applications through API. VNET is a new generation of social applications based on the Web3 architecture.


VNET encrypts users' private information and isolates it from public information, storing it on the Chain. Users can safely share with third-party publicly through data autonomy. Digital business cards (vCard) provide a highly reliable "zero" foundation of mutual trust for users to participate in social activities.


VNET ensures the security, verifiability, and traceability of user information. We use unique algorithms to locate the user's identity through their interdependence on social relationships. In social activities, it serves as another confirmation beyond traditional ID information, allowing users to share information with anonymity, rigor, and trustworthiness, improving the efficiency of social governance. All users will benefit from it. Our society will also benefit from it.


VNET provides personalized digital business card (vCard) and contact book services to both individual and corporate users through the SaaS platform. In real world, VNET commits to promoting the digital development of traditional business card industries, helping enterprises practice green business and sustainable development (ESG).